Competancy of the purest water.

Hydraulic engineering is a core competency of WERNER CONSULT. With more than 30 highly qualified employees and a number of external experts, we are well equipped to tackle all challenges of hydraulic engineering as well as to realise unusual large-scale projects.

Below we present you with our key strengths in hydraulic engineering.

Hydraulic engineering

Hazardous Zone Planning

■  Developing hazardous/dangerous scenarios
■  Defining zones pursuant to guidelines by the Federal Department of Hydraulic Engineering
■  Updating zoning plans
■  Public relation activities in the municipalities 

Current examples include the hazardous/danger zone planning for Obere Salzach, km 157 - km 214, Ill in Walgau and Montafon km 0 - km 60, Inn from Telfs up to the Swiss border, km 358 - km 414, and in Upper Austria the hazardous/danger zone planning for Zeller Ache, Dürre Aurach and Dürre Anger.